The Ananké Ecocompressor is a cogeneration unit that allows the simultaneous production of compressed air and useful heat from any thermal source above 450°C (fatal heat, biogas combustion...). This solution unables to recover wasted heat, especially in industrial lines such as metallurgy, glassmaking or chemistry.

This cogenerator is a solution which strengthens the energy mix. Industrial processes generate heat flows that can be efficiently recovered. Thanks to a fatal heat recovery capacity that goes up to 90%, this technology affords a higher production with less primary energy, thus reducing the environmental footprint. Thermodynamic conversion allows the production of 25% mechanical energy and 75% thermal energy.

The Externally Heated Valve Engine (E.H.V.E) definitively stands as the module’s heart. It relies on the principle of the Ericsson engine and operates between two external heat sources via heat exchangers. It’s valves are dedicated to the working fluid flow control (during the gaseous phase) through a compression chamber and an expansion chamber.


Efficient: optimise your primary fuel consumption and yield to a better energy overall return.

Eco-friendly: reduce your environmental footprint by producing carbon-free energy.

Profitable: decrease your energy bill and boost your competitiveness.


The E.H.V.E includes several significant advantages:

Competitiveness & flexibility: the production of compressed air consumable directly enables higher yields. The customer enjoys better control over its production costs thanks to the recovery of waste within its company, thus minimising the purchase of external energy.

 Straightforward integration: all engine components are encased in a container which is not connected to the electrical network. This specific feature makes it much easier to set up on customers’ sites. This plug&play module is set up by fitting a bypass at the chimney base. Plus, this equipment will never disturb the production thanks to its location downstream of the industrial process.

Performance: the engine configuration and its innovations allows a higher efficiency than other externally heated valve engines. The competitive unit cost is key to an optimal return on investment.


This patented technology has been rewarded by the National Engineering Award (Grand Prix National de l’Innovation) in 2015. The young innovative company also won the i-Nov (PIA3) contest of ADEME in 2019.

An innovative system has been developed in order to adapt the  dispensing mechanism while the machine operates. Maximum motor efficiency is then guaranteed over the whole working range.

A patented distribution system reduces the pressure drop of the working fluid through the inlet and outlet components of the compression chambers, that improve significantly the engine efficiency.