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In one year, the family of the start-up has grown with the hiring of four people on permanent full-time contracts. Introduction of the Team Ananké. Thibaut CARTIGNY, Chief Executive Officer: “ESTIN engineer, I joined ASSYSTEM in the energy sector and I worked for GE in business management, quality engineering and technical coordinator positions. Before Ananké’s […]

i-Nov contest

Selected among the 126 regional SME and ETI, Ananké won the i-Nov contest organised by ADEME.   1/ I-NOV: A LEVER FOR ENERGY INNOVATION… This competition financed by the Programme d’Investissements d’Avenir (PIA) involves: >> Three purposes: Support innovative projects led by start-up and SME Promote the emergence of leading companies in their field that […]


Compressed air is an essential and expensive energy consumed in large quantities in industries with high fatal heat emissions. Ananké decides therefore to expand its products range in order to respond effectively its customers’ needs. Focus on its new product: the écocompressor.   NEW OBSERVATION: Depending on the type of industry, using compressed air represents […]

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Let’s support the energy transition

Reduction objective regarding primary energy consumption by 2030, compared to 2012
Decrease in energy end-use consumption in 2050
Proportion of nuclear power in final electricity consumption by 2025, compared to 75% today
Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in 2030